Plantilla Paint

USD $29.00

Paint your presentation with color and design! Paint is a template that mixes the elegance of a balanced and distinguished color palette and a daring design full of organic shapes which give a great deal of movement to the contents. If you need to present a special report in which the focus is on the messages then this is the ideal template. Paint has a very complete editorial design that offers all the possibilities for creating a presentation, it has all the infographic elements with which you will be able to organize your content in a practical and orderly way that will accompany your information organically. It is 100% editable In PowerPoint and Keynote. Recommended for result presentations, work processes, plan presentations, Marketing plans or thematic reports. Customize your presentation as you wish, you will be surprised by the results.

Features of this template:

  • 4:3 Screen Aspect (Square) and 16:9 HD Aspect Ratio
  • PPTX and KEY files
  • All included graphics are editable and scalable
  • Image placeholder which indicates where to insert a photograph
  • Adjustable color palette
  • 46 slides with different editorial adjustments
  • Covers and section separators
  • 4 Mockup Devices
  • Vector maps
  • Business models
  • Charts and editable graphs
  • 120 icons
  • Free system fonts

The photograph stock is not included, it is only for exemplifying the use of the template.

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